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Please note that due to FDA restrictions all traditional animal byproducts include TAR-2018 taxes in the price.

food menu

Galaxy Burrito


Flatbread, chili pepper sauce, avocado-bean salad, sunny side eggs, synthetic cheddar cheese substitute. 

Spiced orange pancakes


Vanilla butter, orange/lemon hybrid genetic fruit substitute, New Hampshire maple syrup, cinnamon. 

Greek yogurt & Granola


Greek yogurt with Wyoming synthetic honey substitute with a topping of our delicious, crunchy in-house granola! 

Ranch style french toast


Local eggs, chicken substitute, chive and onion brioche, New Hampshire maple syrup.

Mountain Shrimp & grits


Mountain raised white-leg shrimp, cast-iron grits, butter blend, and in-house herb blend. 

Corned Beef hash & eggs


Real corned beef hash (not GMO/Synthetic substitute!) served with eggs, potatoes, and in-house herb blend. 

Drink menu

Fruit smoothies


Combination of real and synthetic fruit, alternative honey substitute, and either coconut or almond milk. 

Cafe Latte


Finest Wyoming GMO Espresso beans and either coconut or almond milk (cow milk available for $18.50 upcharge).

Tea Alternatives


Select from any of our 50 synthetic and locally grown tea alternatives (include additional caffeine strain for $5.00 upcharge). 

coffee blend


Genetically modified super-coffee grown in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. More caffeine, and better flavor!



Finest Wyoming GMO Espresso beans with twice-filtered natural spring water. The finest Americano experience in Wyoming!